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Our research and outreach focuses on the diverse managed ecosystems that comprise California rangelands. We study and promote management to support the multitude of services that rangelands provide to society. We believe that the application of sound science, adaptive range management, and excellent stewardship enhances water quality, soil quality, stream and floodplain function, aquatic and terrestrial habitat, native plant and wildlife species, and agricultural productivity. We agree with the triple bottom line concept - "people, planet, and profit".rangeland

We work in close partnership with several affiliated research laboratories, UC Cooperative Extension Advisors, ranchers and rangeland managers, as well as natural resources conservation, management and regulatory organizations. These partnerships are based upon mutual dedication to the sustainable management, conservation, and restoration of rangeland watersheds. We are always in pursuit of solutions that are practical for the manager to implement, and are effective at preserving rangeland resources.

We integrate research and outreach to develop and extend new information on how range management, ecosystem functions and ecosystem services are related at multiple temporal and spatial scales. Temporal scales of study range from hourly changes in water quality up to decadal trends in stream flow. Spatial scales of study range from the individual plant up to ranching enterprises in excess of 100,000 acres. We conduct our research across UC Research and Extension Centers, private ranches, and public rangelands.

Please view some of our projects and publications, take the time to find out who we are and what we do, and always feel free to contact us with questions or ideas. 

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rangeland partners




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