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Ranching and California's Drought A Workshop and Webcast

November 7, 2014

• What the U.S. Drought Monitor means to you

• How CA Ranchers are coping with the drought

• New feeding strategies for livestock in drought

• NOAA's forecast for the coming season

On November 7, 2014, we brought the U.S. Drought Monitor authors and the California State Climatologist to UC Davis to talk about 1) how the U.S. Drought monitor is updated weekly; and 2) how local expert knowledge, real time ranch impacts, and other relevant data can be used to inform the U.S Drought Monitor. We also shared new information on California Ranchers’ perceptions and experiences with drought, new livestock feeding strategies during drought, and seasonal weather forecasts for California. 

The workshop was held on the UC Davis campus and webcast to the majority of participants at local satellite locations across California. Questions and comments from local satellite webcast locations were included throughout the workshop. >> More on webcast locations here



A Behind the Scenes Look at the Drought Monitor: History, Tools, and Methods, Mark Svoboda, NDMC >> More
How to get information into the US Drought Monitor Process, Brian Fuchs, NDMC >> More
The California Drought of 2011-14: Brief History and Current Impacts, Brad Rippey, USDA >> More
Questions and Discussion about the Drought Monitor and California,
Discuss the Drought Monitor and how California’s ranching and range community can inform the process. >> Video
California Ranchers’ Experiences with Drought, Leslie Roche, UC Davis
Insights to on-ranch drought impacts, outlooks, and management based on surveys and interviews of over 500 ranchers living through this drought.
>> More
New Livestock Drought Feeding Strategies, Glenn Nader, UC Cooperative Extension
Tips for improving the nutritional quality of low quality feed products, and supplementing livestock diets on rangelands. >> More
Seasonal Climate Forecast and Opportunity for Q&A’s for the Coming Season, Michael Anderson, California State Climatologist, California Department of Water Resources >> More
Closing Remarks, Tim Koopmann, President, California Cattlemen’s Association >> Video


Contact for More Information Leslie Roche at lmroche@ucdavis.edu

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